Dominos Offering 50% Off All Pizzas In Canada This Week

Love is temporary, pizza is forever!
Dominos Offering 50% Off All Pizzas In Canada This Week

Are you feeling particularly lazy this week?  Sometimes you just have those days, weeks, maybe even months where you don't feel like cooking at all. Well, I have good news for those of you who answered yes or who feel this struggle.

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Dominos Pizza Canada is offering 50% off ALL pizzas ordered online. You heard me, 50% off all and any kind of take-out pizza from Dominos. 

The instructions are super simple, all you have to do is go to Dominos online site and customize your pizza and the 50% off discount will be automatically applied at checkout.  Otherwise, you can manually enter promo code 8545 if the discount doesn't appear.

The discount only applies to pizza at menu price and can't be applied to other menu items like dipping sauces. 

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There is a limit of 1-coupon per order.  So maybe it's time to have that pizza party you've meant to throw, or maybe you want to get the whole office to pitch in on a nice pizza lunch, now is the time! 

The amazing offer is valid until August 19th! Take advantage today by visiting Domino Pizza's official site HERE!

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