President Donald Trump Visiting Canada Spring 2017

The most anticipated Presidential visit in Canadian history.
President Donald Trump Visiting Canada Spring 2017

Now that America has a new President, Canadians simply can't wait to see what will happen when he and Justin Trudeau meet for the first time.

Can anyone else picture the moment when Trudeau and Trump meet up to discuss politics? Id love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation

— The Mountain Gypsy (@mountaingypsy_) November 9, 2016

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And the good news is that we probably won't have to wait that long.

That's because whenever there's a new US president, Canada is either the first or second place they visit.

When it comes to the last 5 American Presidents, their Canadian visits have always taken place between February and April:

Barack Obama

February 19, 2009 in Ottawa. Barack Obama met with Governor General Michaëlle Jean and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

George W. Bush

April 20–22, 2001 in Quebec City. George W. Bush attended the 3rd Summit of the Americas.

Bill Clinton

April 3–4, 1993 in Vancouver. Bill Clinton attended Summit Meeting with Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Also met with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

George H. W. Bush

February 10, 1989 in Ottawa. George H. W. Bush met with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Ronald Reagan

March 10–11, 1981 in Ottawa. State visit. Met with Governor General Edward Schreyer and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Addressed parliament.

This means that in a few months, in Spring 2017, we will likely be visited by President Trump. that is unless he wants to offend Canada more than he already has.

I hope Justin Trudeau sticks Trump in the nose the first time they meet as leaders.

— Jorge Castillo (@Castillo_101) November 9, 2016

I wonder if Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau will let trump meet her kids?

— LoisNadine (@LoisNadine) November 9, 2016

i'm not jtrood's biggest fan but i hope they meet and trump is jealous of his beautiful hair and then trudeau rko's him into a toilet

— MK Harris ? (@hospitalvespers) November 9, 2016

When Trudeau has to meet Trump that's gonna be sooooooo awkward

— Stuart Jones (@Stooert_J) November 9, 2016

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