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Don’t Go To This Montreal Metro Station If You’re Afraid Of Rodents (Video)

How many do you think their truly are?
Don’t Go To This Montreal Metro Station If You’re Afraid Of Rodents (Video)

Montreal's metro system is a vast cavern of interconnecting tunnels all throughout the city. Honestly, it's quite impressive. 

One has to think that such an underground city would find itself home to many critters. We've seen birds inside the metro, foxes that show up randomly and other weird happenings. 

We may not see them often, but there has got to be a huge rodent population down there. 

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We already know that Montreal has got a huge rat infestation, and the mice are also all over the place. I mean, old buildings and neighbourhoods just welcome these little guys. 

I have cats in my home, so I don't see em often unless one of my pets gifts one to me - but even then they are far more interested in bringing me squirrels - really, it's kind of a problem.

One local commuter captured this little mouse exploring the metro stop at Côte-des-Neiges in Montreal - and if you have an aversion to rodents, I'd look away... or just be aware that they are, indeed, there around you. 

Now, this is just one mouse. But where there is one, especially at that size, there has got to be another 10. 

Let's all think about how deep and vast the Montreal underground metro system actually is. Now, let's think about the fact that Montreal is known to have a massive rat population.

It's not a far reach, at all, to think that we'd have just as many, if not more, mice. Likely all over every metro stop. 

So, think twice about the litter and food you may toss on the ground and leave behind if you don't like hearing about our growing rodent population. 

If this stuff doesn't bother you one bit, then c'est la vie. 

Happy scavenging little mouse buddy!

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