Donut Ice Cream Cones Will Make You Wish Summer Was Here

Shut up and take my money.
Donut Ice Cream Cones Will Make You Wish Summer Was Here

Ah the ice cream cone. On the one hand you only need one hand to hold it. (Ha!) But on the other hand, the crunchiness of the cone just doesn't work with ice cream.

If only there was some kind of soft cake alternative to a cone. Well now there is.

A few days ago pictures of this donut cone started making the rounds and it broke everyone's heart when we realized they only existed in Prague.

Is there a bakery like this in Toronto? Please let me know ?

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So we started trying to figure out how to make our own. But since we have no clue how to make donuts, here are the alternative options we came up with:

  1.  Two donuts on top of each other with a timbit plugging the hole at the bottom.
  2. Take an apple donut from Timmies, hollow it out and stuff it with ice cream.
  3. Take a boston cream donuts. Scoop out the cream an stuff in some ice cream. Boom! Boston ICE cream.
  4. Buy a plane ticket to prague. Only $863.

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