Double Digit Temperatures Expected In Quebec Next Week

Goodbye winter, hello spring!
Double Digit Temperatures Expected In Quebec Next Week

The weather this week has been a rollercoaster of both winter and spring conditions. After a few days of slightly warmer temperatures, Quebec was once again hit by an arctic blast. The beginning of March definitely hasn't been the kindest to us in terms of more forgiving weather, especially with the news of another storm arriving this Sunday in some areas.

Luckily, there is some good news coming our way. Environment Canada has announced that starting next week, winter temperatures will be stepping aside for more mild, spring-like temperatures. In some regions of the province, we might even be seeing temperatures as warm as 10°C and 15°C, according to The Weather Network.

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TL;DR The Weather Network has announced that parts of Quebec will be seeing temperatures as high as 10°C and 15°C late next week, accompanied by rain. Both the warm weather and rain will assist in melting the remaining snow and ice. More details below.

Next week will begin with noticeably milder temperatures, between -5°C and 5°C depending on the region. Starting on Thursday of next week, spring will hit the province all at once, with southern Quebec being blessed with temperatures near 15°C.

So, it might actually be time to get rid of your winter coats in exchange for sweaters and jackets!

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In addition to your change in wardrobe, you might want to include a pair of rain boots and an umbrella, as the warming temperatures will be accompanied by rain. The Weather Network confirmed that the combination of warmth and rain is perfect for melting snow and ice. So, you might want to stay tuned for any flood warnings, or at least inundated streets and water-filled potholes, across Quebec over the course of next week.

The super warm temperatures will last for a few days before the weather goes back to temperatures normal for the season. Stay tuned for any more weather updates.

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