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Doug Ford Cancels Plan To Plant 50,000,000 Trees In Ontario

His Ministry of Natural Resources is cutting costs.
Doug Ford Cancels Plan To Plant 50,000,000 Trees In Ontario

According to the CBC, the Ford government of Ontario has scrapped a plan to plant 50 million trees in the province.

The 50 Million Tree Program was designed in the last decade as a way to counterbalance carbon emissions, restore forested areas, and secure diminishing shorelines.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources canceled the program in an effort to reduce provincial spending, the CBC report continues.

People will lose jobs as a result. The businesses that had cultivated these trees now will not have the funds to maintain their staff.

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TL;DR The Ontario Ministry of Natural resources has canceled the 50 Million Tree Program, which partnered with property owners to plant trees across the province.

The Program had partnered with Ontario homeowners to subsidize the cost of new trees.

Forests Ontario produced this video in 2017 to promote the program:

Additional trees, one interviewee in the video points out, also benefits agriculture by providing wind break.

Ontarians have taken to social media to express their fury at the decision to discontinue the initiative.

Many have pointed out that this move by the Ford government contradicts the now-infamous "open for business" mantra its members have used to brand their platform.

Meanwhile, much of eastern Ontario continues to deal with springtime flooding, which many say seems to be becoming a perennial disaster. Trees prevent flood damage by anchoring soil around rivers and lakes.

This is just the latest controversial move by the Ford government, whose policies have had wide-ranging political consequences in Canada.


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