Doug Ford Would Lose If An Election Were Held In Ontario Today, A New Poll Shows

Dreadful polling numbers indicate Ontarians are fed up with Ford Nation.
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Doug Ford Would Lose If An Election Were Held In Ontario Today, A New Poll Shows

Doug Ford, the ever-polarizing premier of Ontario has seen some quite awful polling numbers recently. A study conducted by Mainstreet Research shows that Ford's Ontario Progressive Conservative Party has a 22.4% approval rating. 

The study also reveals that Doug Ford himself is unfavourable to over 73% of Ontarians. His predecessor, Kathleen Wynne only had a 23.7% approval rating but Ford's numbers are historically awful - only 19.9% of Ontarians currently approve of him

Ford assumed office on June 28th, 2018 and it took him less than a year to hit these historically low numbers. Keep in mind that Wynne's numbers were based on her whole tenure as premier of Ontario. 

From combating the carbon tax to being compared to Donald Trump (and loving it) is it really any wonder that Ontarians have had enough of this guy? These numbers show that if an election were held today, Ford would probably lose.

Unfortunately for Ontarians, they have to deal with another three years of Doug Ford and his government. While it's easy to make fun of the man, his political opinions are quite problematic for the good of Canada. 

Ford has always been a controversial figure in Canadian politics. During his campaign to be mayor of Toronto, he was accused of bigotry and antisemitism due to some comments he made on the campaign trail. 

After his unsuccessful run for mayor, he decided to run for the premiership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, to great success. Running on a classic conservative platform, he won by a landslide.

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Polling numbers suggest that if an election were held today, Ford's party would lose big time. It seems that Ontarians are fed up with a premier who favourably compares himself to Donald Trump, no matter how many beers are a dollar. 

Unfortunately for Ontarians, they have to deal with this for another three years because Ford's Progressive Conservative Party has the majority in the Ontario parliament. Could it be worse? 

Oh, wait, Quebec's premier is also a problematic white man? Yay...

Keep in mind that these are only polling numbers and things do indeed change over time. 

Let's hope that our neighbours in Ontario maintain this trend, however, because Ford hasn't been too good for the province so far. 

For more polling numbers and data, please visit Mainstreet Research.

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