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Downtown Montreal Getting Giant Christmas Tree In December

Xmas in the city has never been this 'big'.
Downtown Montreal Getting Giant Christmas Tree In December

Last year Montreal set out on a quest to have the tallest Christmas tree. Unfortunately the tree they chose wasn't exactly spectacular, which is why we were curious to know if there was going to be another giant tree this year. 

We contacted the people at Le Grand Marché de Noël and they informed us that the giant tree will in fact returning this year!

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On Friday December 1st Montreal will be unveiling a giant Christmas tree created by artist Jean Robert Drouillard.

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As a special bonus, they will also have the world's smallest Christmas tree created by the artist Valérie Dupras.

The Grand Marché de Noël will be open December 1st - 24 (Closed on December 4 - 5 - 6 - 11 - 12 - 13) At Place des Arts. 

Check out The Grand Marché de Noël's website for more info

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