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Downtown Montreal Is Getting A Giant Christmas Tree For The Holidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year!
Downtown Montreal Is Getting A Giant Christmas Tree For The Holidays

It's officially November 1st, meaning it's time to throw away the jack-o-lanterns and spooky decorations in exchange for mistletoe and holiday wreaths! The festive season is coming to Montreal and with snow only days away we need some jolly spirit now more than ever!

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TL;DR Montreal's giant Christmas tree is a tradition that defines the holiday season. With Le Grand Marché de Noël taking place from November 30 to December 23, we can expect the festive tree to be unveiled one month from now.

One of the staples of the holiday season in the city is the incredible holiday market downtown. Music, food, gifts, and tiny shops make all of the horrible weather worth tolerating in order to experience the excitement and festivities of the season!

Even more exciting is the giant Christmas tree that's become a tradition in Montreal.

Last year, Le Grand Marché de Noël did not disappoint. The towering tree strung covered with lights and adorned with a giant tree-topper was the centerpiece of the festivities. The display left people in awe of its beauty and enchanted with its thousands of twinkling holiday lights that looked even more amazing when it snowed.

Via Le Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal

So, now that the season of Saint Nick is basically upon us, when can we expect the larger-than-life tree to return to the city?

Well, Le Grand Marché de Noël hasn't officially announced what day it'll be returning to Montreal, but a spokesperson from the company that manages the market confirmed to MTLBlog that the tree is, indeed, coming back this year!

It's likely that the tree will be unveiled in the first few days of the market. Since it opens on Friday November 30th, many people will be able to attend its first lighting.  

This means we only have one month left to wait, people! The holidays are way closer than you think. We can only hope this year's tree is better than what Montreal received a few holiday seasons ago. That "ugly tree" has since infamous.

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Until then, we can enjoy the seasonal change of downtown storefronts and decorations.

Also check out Starbuck's new holiday cups that are being released tomorrow! They're sure to rouse some holiday spirit.

Le Grand Marché de Noël starts on November 30 and runs until December 23, in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

This leaves you with lots of time to visit and take part in the festivities more than once! For more information on the holiday market, click HERE.