Downtown Montreal Is Getting FREE Wi-Fi This Summer

Come this May, you'll never hit your data limit.
Downtown Montreal Is Getting FREE Wi-Fi This Summer

Photo cred - Ennev

Never stress about your data-usage when you're looking up stuff in the city's centre because come summer 2015, Old Montreal and the downtown area will be fully equipped with free public Wi-Fi, reports TVA.

The first project to be launched by Montreal's "Smart City" initiative, tourists and citizens alike will have access to free Wi-Fi once May begins. Now you'll finally be able tell annoying tourists to "just check your phone" when they ask for directions, without them whining about being outside of their network.

$23 million in total will be invested into making Montreal "smarter" over the course of three years (2015-17). Free Wi-Fi is but one of many projects to be created with the large investment, with the others set to be formally announced this March.

Many of you may be saying "but what about Île-Sans-Fil! We already had free Wi-Fi!" and to you I cry shenanigans. Yes, Île-Sans-Fil does give 'net access to 15 different areas in Montreal, but lets be honest, the connection is spotty at best, and far from high-speed. Montreal definitely needs a boost in internet connectivity, so lets hope the city sets up a legit network that won't be having us waiting for pages to load.