Downtown Montreal Is Opening An All-New Ramen Restaurant

Prepare yourselves.
Downtown Montreal Is Opening An All-New Ramen Restaurant

It's no secret that in Montreal, we really love our ramenAnd for good reason: Ramen is savoury, complex, delicious, tasty... basically, it's pretty much the perfect food. It's pretty much magic in a bowl. It's pretty much bae.

And now, Montrealers can rejoice in the fact that we'll soon be able to enjoy another bowl of pure happiness at a new ramen spot. Those of us who have visited Toronto - or are from Toronto - might recognize the name.

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Kinton Ramen is a super popular Toronto ramen spot, having multiple locations throughout the city. According to RestoMontreal, Kinton is gearing up to open up shop right here in Montreal - Bishop Street, to be exact, which is a super hot spot for getting awesome ramen in the city.

Those of us who have had the chance to taste the ramen at Kinton know that it's seriously good, so it'll definitely be a welcome addition to Montreal's ramen scene. No word yet on exactly when the place is slated to open, but if you're as excited for this as I am, don't forget to check their Facebook page for more information.

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