Downtown Montreal Is Opening Quebec’s Biggest Sports Experts

Honestly, it's like a sport paradise.
Downtown Montreal Is Opening Quebec’s Biggest Sports Experts

True talk, friends: I am obsessed with Sports Experts. It's probably the only spot I walk into and instantly want to buy. All. The. Things.

Which is exactly why I'm super excited about the brand new Sports Experts in downtown Montreal (930 Saint-Catherine St W). 

If you've ever been downtown, then you know that this Sports Experts has been around for a little while. But trust, it might as well be brand new!

The newly renovated Sports Experts is seriously glorious, friends. It's three floors (!) and the biggest Sports Experts in all of Quebec... and honestly, I'd say it's probably the most impressive one, too.

Legit, one entire floor is dedicated to running shoes. They've got over 1,200 sneakers for you guys to choose from; but if you're not sure what your specific running shoe needs are, then no worries. 

This Sports Experts has a legit New Running Balance Lab, which tracks your running movement and measures the specifics of your feet to ensure you get the best running shoe for you.

It's the first and only Sports Experts location to have one, so if you want to make sure you're investing in the correct pair of sneakers, you know where to go.

The technology doesn't just end there, though.

Sports Experts downtown is fully equipped with two 21-metre LED screens, interactive smart mirrors, interactive shoe walls, and interactive terminals to ensure you get to where you need to go without any issues.

And, trust, you're going to want to go pretty much everywhere.

Featuring active wear, electronics, and sporting goods and accessories from brands like Adidas, ADS Nixon, Arc’teryx, Columbia, Fitbit, GoPro, Helly Hansen, Lolë, Louis Garneau, Nike, The North Face, Oakley, Reebok, Swatch and Under Armour.

Plus, they've got some pieces you might not find at other locations, so this spot is totally worth a visit.

Honestly, guys, the new Sports Experts downtown is actually gorgeous. Huge and totally technologically advanced, with clothes for women, men, and children,  

Sound like the coolest spot ever? You know it does! Check out Sports Experts' website and Facebook page for more information.