Downtown Montreal Just Got An All-New Vegan Fast-Food Restaurant

Burgers, grilled 'cheese', pizza, and even cake!
Downtown Montreal Just Got An All-New Vegan Fast-Food Restaurant

Code Vert is a new vegan restaurant that just opened in Montreal's Golden Square Mile. It's a new kind of vegan restaurant: a fast-food, but not junk-food restaurant, with tons of healthy options for you to try.

The restaurant was founded by a notary who decided to quit her job, learn more about vegan food, and test her entrepeneurship skills. Code Vert is an all-vegan, organic restaurant.

The decor is fun and, of course, extremely Instagram-able. With original dishes I haven't seen anywhere else, it's definitely a great place to grab lunch with friends, or to stop by for a 5 à 7 with coworkers.

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TL;DR Code Vert, Montreal's newest vegan restaurant, just opened, and they've got some really fun items on their menu. Make sure you check them out!

Intrigued by the restaurant, which a few of my coworkers had tried this week and raved about, I went to check it out for myself, treating myself to a nice lunch (even though I had already packed a lunch... #relatable?)

The restaurant is decorated with shades of blues and greens, and accented by hanging plants and shiplack accents. It's got those perfect Instagram-photo backgrounds that we all crave these days.

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They are above all else a "fast-food" counter, and a modern one at that. You order at the counter, or at their touch screen (like a vegan McDonald's!), and a waiter will hand you your food to go. It is also a good place to sit and enjoy a good meal: their seating is plentiful and comfortable.

The menu is surprisingly varied. From burgers and grilled cheeses to salads and bowls, this place has got all of the vegan staples, plus some house specials. Of course, they have a fridge loaded with an array of fancy, boxed waters (I didn't know you could buy maple water), kombucha, and organic energy drinks.

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What makes this place special, in my opinion, is the brunch. They claim to be the only place in Montreal that serves vegan eggs. From poached eggs to omelettes, they have quite a variety of choice for Montreal vegans.

Code Vert is open everyday, from 7-10 on Monday-Wednesday and 8-11 on the weekend. You can find them in person at 1216 Bishop Street, or online here!

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