Downtown Montreal Might Be Getting Its Very Own Ski Hill

Prepare for the ultimate winter experience!
Downtown Montreal Might Be Getting Its Very Own Ski Hill

Quebec is known for having some pretty intense ski hills. Seriously, all though there may not be the best options within Montreal, you can always make a drive outside of the city to ski or snowboard somewhere incredible.

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TL;DR The City of Montreal is in conversation of rebooting Mount Royal's ski hill for the Alpine Skiing World Cup. If financing and reconstruction follows through, the hill will be open for downhill skiing in either 2020 or 2021.

But, for those of us that don't have cars or just want to bring some excitement to downtown Montreal, we're kind of at a loss. Luckily, this may all be changing very, very soon.

Yes, it's true, you might actually have a chance to downhill ski on Mount Royal! The once popular ski hill is expected to make a well-deserved comeback within the next few years.

The slope was originally shut down in 1979, so it's likely most of us never had the experience of actually racing down the mountain at top speeds. To everyone's surprise, the City is actually in talks with a group that wants to bring the Alpine Skiing World Cup to Montreal.

Needless to say, Montrealers are jumping at the opportunity to be a host city for a massive World Cup sport.

The event is likely to make it's appearence in either 2020 or 2021, which realistically means in just over a year we might actually have an insane ski hill on Mount Royal!

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Of course, a lot would need to be done first to get the hill back into working condition. A lot of money would be going into the project as well as a massive cleanup of the abandoned ski hill that's been closed for decades. 

There's hope that the future ski hill will become a stop on the World Cup circuit for four years straight after opening. 

Let's keep our fingers-crossed that this all follows through. If it does, we can be looking at a brand new ski hill in downtown Montreal by next winter!


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