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Downtown Montreal Opens All-New "Pan-Asian" Restaurant

Happiness in a dish.
Downtown Montreal Opens All-New "Pan-Asian" Restaurant

Friends, dim sum is life. Seriously. They're like little juicy, steamed morsels of happiness, and I strongly believe that popping one in your mouth is the easiest way to experience instant joy.

So, naturally, I was thrilled to discover EAST (1250 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa). EAST Pan Asiatique is a new restaurant that opened up downtown very recently this month, specializing in Asian food.

And what do I mean by Asian food? I'm glad you asked. EAST features different dishes from a bunch of different Asian cuisines. They've got sashimi; they've got pad Thai; they've got Singapore noodles; and yes, they've even got dim sum.

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Oh, and the cherry on top? They also offer a breakfast buffet, complete with - you guessed it - dim sum dishes.

If EAST sounds like your kind of place (and let's be honest, how can it not?) then don't forget to check out their Facebook page for more information.

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