Downtown Montreal Opens All-New "Tex-Mex" Restaurant

Tacos, burritos, enchiladas and more!
Downtown Montreal Opens All-New "Tex-Mex" Restaurant

Who here is totally and completely in love with Mexican food? It's okay if you are, guys. Mexican food is bae.

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If you've ever searched for some authentic Mexican food in Montreal, you might have found yourself a little bit our of luck.

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Sure, there are a handful of super authentic Mexican spots in Montreal, but on the whole, I don't think there are as many as there should be.

But one new open spot is hoping to change all of that.

La Tequilera (1175 Rue Crescentis a brand new Mexican restaurant located on Crescent Street, in downtown Montreal.

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They claim to be the first Mexican restaurant on Crescent, and one seriously authentic spot, serving up classic, tex-mex, and urban Mexican food.

On their menu? Tacos (!), quesadillas, burritos, and some incredibly tasty-looking taco bowls... among tons of other tasty tex-mex things, too.

Not to mention the fact that they'll be serving up some seriously delicious cocktails, which is a huge win.

Oh, and yes, they're totally open for lunch. Taco (bowl) Tuesdays, here we come!

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Does this spot sound like your new favourite? Then check them out on Facebook for more information.

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