Downtown Montreal Opens All-New "Vegan Bowl" Restaurant

I don't know about you guys, but pretty much, the comfort food craving is over. 

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I no longer want poutines and cupcakes. What I do want instead, is healthy AF food. Salads, smoothies, and vegan bowls are totally on my list of delicious things to eat. And if you're in the same mindset as me, then I've got some awesome news!

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A brand new "healthy fast food" restaurant has just opened up in downtown Montreal.

Foodchain (1212 McGill College Aveis a brand new healthy restaurant, specializing in vegetarian and vegan bowls.

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100% of their food options are either vegetarian or vegan, with no meat being used in any of their dishes. 

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Most of their menu consists of vegetable bowls, like their Carrot-Endive and Cauliflower Mushroom bowls. They have one other item on their menu: "magic bread"... plus some veg pastries as well. 

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Sounds like the cooles thing ever? Then check out their official website for more information.