Downtown Montreal Sidewalks Are Getting A Major Makeover

It's long overdue.
Downtown Montreal Sidewalks Are Getting A Major Makeover

If there's one point of shame shared by all Montrealers, it's the rather poor condition of the city's streets and sidewalks. Unfortunately, when potholes and cracks riddle the paths people walk and drive on, you can't have much pride in them.

Certain areas are worse than others, as we all know, but thanks to a recently announced redevelopment project, Downtown Montreal won't be considered a problem area for street-side infrastructure. Well, when it comes to sidewalks, at least.

Announced yesterday, the sidewalk-makeover project will see specific areas of Downtown Montreal gain wider sidewalks, more urban greenery, and more lighting, reports The Gazette.

The areas in question are the front of the Musuem of Fine Arts and the downtown campus of Concordia University. To be more specific, Sherbrooke (between Redpath and Crescent) and Bishop street (between de Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke) will be the sidewalks to be improved.

Both sections were chosen for their high rate of foot traffic from tourists and university students, explained Montreal's Mayor Denis Coderre.

Construction for the sidewalk improvement project will begin this April and end fall 2016.

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