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Downtown Montreal Spring Is Having An Insane 50% Off All Shoes Sale

Fresh kicks for a fresh start!
Downtown Montreal Spring Is Having An Insane 50% Off All Shoes Sale

It's safe to say that with school among us we could all use some fresh AF shoes and accessories to complete our looks. Everyone wants to look A1 with fresh kicks for school but sometimes that comes with at a cost! Our bank accounts will suffer if we get EVERYTHING at full price. But, I have a simple solution and some good news for you!

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Montreal's Downtown Spring Store is hosting a huge up to 50% off sale on all their shoes! That includes all their heels, shoes, boots, sandals, purses, and other accessories. Yes, you heard me! Give your bank account a break this year and head down to this massive sale. I guarantee that you will look A1 after you shop 'till you drop.

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Now, this deal is IN STORE and ONLINE while quantities last, so you better get down there ASAP! This sale includes all Montreal stores so find the one closest to you.

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This sale features both contemporary accessories, heels, sandals, purses, and men's shoes are 40% off so you can go with your BF and GF to upgrade your looks this school year!

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These offers are available for a limited time and while supplies last. Online orders over $60.00 ship free and there is also free shipping when you do an in-store pickup.

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 General Information:


Sale: 50% off




Centre Eaton de Montréal

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