Downtown Montreal To Host Massive "Graffiti" Festival

Montreal prides itself on being an artistic and cultural city and one of the ways we display this is through our summer festivals. This city has so many cultural food and art festivals that really show us just how great Montreal really is. 

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Earlier this summer we had Montreal's MURAL Fest that displayed some of the best mural artists from around the world. Now, we're having another huge festival displaying some of the best graffiti artists in the city! 

Under Pressure is described as an urban culture festival that encourages the community to come together through art, music and dance. It's main focus is community outreach and it's run entirely by volunteers!

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This festival is taking place this week from Wednesday, August 9th until Sunday, August 13th along Saint Catherine Street! Under Pressure is basically a huge block party all week long with amazing hip hop dancers and DJs showing us their talents and graffiti artists decorating the bland city walls.

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This year's 22nd edition is focused on Underdogs, those in the hip-hop and art worlds whose hidden talents are just waiting to be discovered. 

There will be free events all throughout the week as well as paid events anywhere from $10-$15. 

via @up_mtl

via @up_mtl

Don't miss your chance to join in the fun and celebrations of this city's insane art scene this summer! 

Check out their Facebook event for more information.