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Downtown Montreal Transforming Abandoned Alley Into "Farmers Market"

Explore a new side of the city.
Downtown Montreal Transforming Abandoned Alley Into "Farmers Market"

Montreal is always coming up with creative and innovative ways to make use of our public spaces. We change tons of streets into pedestrian-only streets, we change entire squares into giant festival grounds, and we create amazing art installations outside for everyone to enjoy. 

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Now, Montreal has created another super cool way to use public space in the city by transforming an abandoned alley in the middle on downtown into a local farmers market! 

This amazing creation is called Marche des Ruelles and it's taking place from Wednesday, August 16th to Friday, September 8th from 4pm to 7pm! 

This alley will be lined with local farmers selling their fresh produce to anyone who wants to wander through! It will be located: on Metcalfe in front of Club Monaco, on Peel between Harvey's and H&M and on St. Catherine West beside Burger King. 

This event will be taking place for 3 weeks straight only on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays! Explore the potential the city has to exploit these untouched areas of downtown while purchasing tons of fresh fruits and veggies!

Check out theirwebsite for more information. 

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