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Downtown Montreal Will Be Shut Down Today

Here we go again.
Downtown Montreal Will Be Shut Down Today

It's a normal, average, snow-less, December day here in Montreal. The sun is ... well, not here. The birds are chirping and the protesters are peaking their heads out of their boroughs to once again flood the streets of downtown Montreal.

Thousands of protesters will be out starting at 11:00 am today at Place Émilie Gamelin.

And for those of you thinking you'll avoid it because you work late, think again.

There is another protest planned for 8:00 pm TONIGHT. Because after careful analysis the protesters's finest "scienticians" have discovered that the only thing more effective than a protest, is 2 protests.

So who is protesting this time? Does it really matter? I guess it does, since it's public sector workers who are angry that it has taken more than a year to negotiate their demands with Minister Martin Coiteux.

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