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Downtown Montreal Will Be Shutdown For Canada's Largest Electric Music Street Festival Summer 2017

Something never seen before in this country.

If you thought the city was done making plans for Montreal's 375th anniversary, think again.

They're just getting started.

Evenko and MEG Montréal have just announced that they will holding the first ever Electro Parade in North America.

The idea is to transform the streets of Montreal into a massive, wandering, street party.

Local and international DJs will be invited to ride some giant parade floats around town. But these aren't just any parade floats, each float will be equipped with a massive custom sound system.

These mobile DJ booths will make their way through downtown Montreal, bringing the party with them everywhere they go and turning every street into a dance-floor!

The project is meant to encourage citizens to make the public space their own and to discover local and international electronic music talents while they're at it.

Similar events have been successful in the past in places like Paris and Zurich, and now it's Montreal's turn to party.

The full programming, the DJ lineup and the route of the Electro Parade will all be announced later this year so stay tuned for more news!

The event will take place next summer on September 2nd, 2017.

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