Downtown Montreal's Beer Garden Set To Open Next Month

Did you know that it's springtime in Montreal?...

...just messing with you. Obviously, you know this, it's mentioned (certainly by myself) all the time! We're all just way too giddy about spring and summertime being on the horizon!

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Once May 1 hits, though, it starts to feel even more real. I've already begun seeing a lot of restaurants roll out their extended terrasses and have outdoor seating for patrons... it's begun. We made it. 

In less than a month, one of Montreal's hottest outdoor venues and beer gardens will be back in full force all summer long...

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...Of course, I'm talking about Jardins Gamelin! 

Every summer this area is lit up with a beer garden, live music and events every weekend, dancing and a ton of other cool events. There will be tons of picnic tables, food on-site and great lighting and art installations to take in

Place Emilie-Gamelin is the go-to hotspot for Montreal summer vibes. 

Jardins Gamelin will officially open up for the 2018 season on Thursday, May 17th. It will last until late September and is open 7 days a week, from 7:30 AM - 11:00 PM!  

You can find more information and a coming events list at Jardins Gamelin right here. 

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