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Downtown Montreal's Dorchester Square To Be Transformed Into A "Fountain Garden Park"

More green downtown is a good thing.
Downtown Montreal's Dorchester Square To Be Transformed Into A "Fountain Garden Park"

Far from being a charming urban park that provides some green-filled respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown, Dorchester Square is in serious need of a makeover.

The area between Peel and Metcalfe below Sainte Catherine (originally called Dominion Square for you history buffs) has been in a mild state of disrepair for a while now, with crumbling infrastructure plaguing the historic site.

Thankfully, the City of Montreal is entirely aware of the need for a Dorchester Square redesign, with a major overhaul recently approved that will see the area completely transformed for the better.

Focusing on the northern section of Dorchester Square, the transformation will cost a total of $709,062. The project will focus on adding an abundance of green to the urban square, while also making it far more accessible and friendly to pedestrians.

Getting into specifics, the plan will see the construction of arched "pedestrian bridges" that will lead directly to nearby underground parking garages. The octagonal structure that stands at the centre of Dorchester Square will also be renovated, and a fountain will be placed in the park's centre, thus adding a bit more natural flair to the area.

Construction for the more aesthetically-pleasing-and-green Dorchester Square is set to begin this August, with everything slated to be done by August 2017, according to the Gazette.

So yes, you can add the Dorchester Square makeover to the already-far-too-long list of building projects the city is supposed to have done for Montreal's 375th birthday.

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