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Downtown Montreal's LaSalle College Is Hosting An Open House Event This Month

A valuable event you don’t want to miss.
Downtown Montreal's LaSalle College Is Hosting An Open House Event This Month

You are not destined to sit in a cubicle. You are not destined to be writing reports all day. You are not destined to sit under flickering gray lights. You are destined to rock the world with the creativity you’ve got inside of you. You just need to get by school first.

You might dream of working in fashion design, video game design, graphic design or interior design. Maybe you’re going to be the next #girlboss. Wherever your passion draws you, there is no wrong answer.

Your passion might look a little like this:

LaSalle College open house is on May 30, 2017, from 10 am, to 9 pm. At the Open House, you can find out more about the programs, meet the teachers, check out the classrooms and learn how you can enroll in one of their amazing programs. You can even sign up in advance to skip the line!

LaSalle College is famous for fashion design; it’s wide array of business programs and, of course, the innovative video game programming profile which draws on Montreal’s rich gaming culture. And it’s just what you need to get started.

That's not all. If you're interested in beauty and the digital arts, Inter-Dec College offers 4 fields of study including vfx & game design, digital arts, beauty AND interior design. Have any questions about each program? The open house is the perfect opportunity to get all your questions answered.

The Open House will be packed full of exhibits showcasing the incredible work from students from the fashion and beauty programs showing off what you, too, can learn. If the tech side of things is more your bag, you can even get hands-on experience testing a student-designed video game in the Video Game Lounge. Sweet!

Don’t be a bystander and wait for life to come to you. Grab it with both hands and seize the creative career you dream about.

Find out what the next steps are for your creative career. Head to LaSalle College’s Open House on May 30 from 10 am to 9 pm and make it happen! Or for even more inspiration, check out their website, Facebook Page or Instagram.

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