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Dr. Arruda's Viral 'Confinement' Dance Is Getting Completely Rejected (VIDEO)

Some Quebecers are not fans.
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Dr. Arruda's Viral 'Confinement' Dance Is Getting Completely Rejected (VIDEO)

It seems as though Dr. Horacio Arruda isn't getting the same fan love that he once was. A video of Dr. Arruda dancing to a song written about him was published on the internet only two days ago, and since then has received a high volume of backlash.

The rapper who wrote the song, Rod le Stod, mentioned under his YouTube video that "all proceeds from the listening and sale of the song will be donated to an organization helping homeless youth in Montreal."

Since then, Refuge des Jeunes de Montréal, the organization that's benefitting from the song, announced that it wants nothing to do with the video.

"In our opinion, the time to broadcast this video has not yet come. Because of the discomfort we feel and in support of people closely affected by this crisis situation, including people who are homeless, we prefer to dissociate ourselves from it," France Labelle, the Executive Director of the organization wrote in a Facebook post.

"However, we recognize the good intentions of this initiative."

Refuge des Jeunes de Montréal also confirmed that it was not consulted about the video beforehand.

Dr. Arruda, during the Government of Quebec's press conference on May 12, commented on this matter giving his deepest apologies.*

"I never wanted to insult anybody," he said.*

You can watch the video that Arruda and Québécois rapper Rod le Stod made below, which the artist referred to as "the confinement dance."

Many negative comments were posted under Rod le Stod's YouTube video.

In regards to the donations being directed to the Refuge des Jeunes, the Journal de Montréal said that "Dr. Arruda finds it regrettable that the organization was not consulted beforehand."

Dan Bigras, the spokesperson for Refuge des Jeunes, wrote on Twitter that "as far as I'm concerned, our good Dr. Horacio can dance all he wants to, it makes me happy. But when you take the name #RefugeDesJeunes as credibility, the least you could do is call the Refuge."

Stay tuned for more news about what the Government of Quebec's been up to.

* This article has been updated.

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