Dr. Arruda Dancing To A Québécois Rap Song About Him Is Better Than Any Medicine

Our man Dr. Horacio Arruda strikes again. Now known as a Quebec sensation with his sidekick Premier François Legault, it seems as though this doctor has been gaining more fans as the days go on. And you're probably going to become one of his newest ones once you see him dancing to a Québécois rap song by Rod le Stod.

The rapper wrote his song Oragio as an homage to our dearest Dr. Arruda, so it only makes sense that he responded with himself doing a dance to it.

Yes, from fashionable suspenders to showing Quebecers how to flatten the infamous epidemic curve, the man can do it all.

If you haven't seen one of the hundreds of memes made about him yet, I fear that you could be living under a rock. 

But no need to worry, I've included some within this article. Consider yourself in the midst of gaining some Arruda knowledge.

The possibly most important thing you'll watch today is just below, as we get a glimpse of the Director of Public Health's stellar dance moves.

I promise that this is the content you didn't know you needed right now.

The lyrics of the song Arruda boogies to are worth a close listen as well.

A translation of the main course goes: 

"Everywhere on earth there's an Oragio.
My lightning rod is Horacio.
We're lucky to have François Legault.
Suspend all my rights, I'm giving you the go."

Potentially the new Québécois anthem? Only time will tell.

As promised, here's one of my favourite memes made Quebec's Director of Public Health.

He's doing his best to make sure the province manages to smack the curve, which has apparently happened everywhere in the province except for Greater Montreal.

And now, just for good measure, here's a video of Arruda's response to a meme made about him: 

A doctor and a dancer? Dare we call him a Horacio of all trades?

Stay tuned for more Arruda news.

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