Drake Is Lowkey Obsessed With Celine Dion

He only loves him mom and Celine Dion.
Drake Is Lowkey Obsessed With Celine Dion

So Céline Dion has always been well-loved. She's a great singer and she's been reppin' Quebec since the start of her career.    

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And his month Céline Dion is celebrating her 50th birthday on March 30th! She deserves a bit of a party, after all, 50 is a big deal.

The Montreal Gazette decided to celebrate 30 days of Celine Dion by showing they love for the Montreal icon with a series of articles. 

And the one that caught our attention right away was where Drake declared his love for Céline. 

Drake made it very clear when he said : “You’re very iconic. We love you. I’m like a year away from a Céline tat”. That's quite the statement there Drake. And I mean, if Drake thinks it, it must be true.

At the Billboard Music Awards last year, he pretty much claimed that she was the shit.

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If I were Céline, I'd be pretty damn honored. She was a little bit awkward in response to Drake's tattoo comment. But come on, you'd be pretty flustered too if you were talking to Drake.

Source: The Montreal Gazette