Drake & JLo Dating: Everything You Need To Know About The World's Hottest New Power Couple

Drake & JLo Dating: Everything You Need To Know About The World's Hottest New Power Couple

This morning, I woke up to a very interesting Instagram notification.

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One of my best friends tagged me in a picture posted on both Drake's and Jennifer Lopez's Instagram accounts, of JLo and Drake looking cuddly AF.

The picture seems to confirm what the rest of the world already knows: Drizzy Drake and Jenny From The Block are at least getting up close and personal, and maybe even actually dating.

A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

Rihanna, Drake's most recent ex, even stopped following JLo on Instagram a few days ago. So, you know. It might be serious.

A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

If you're wondering how this happened, well, you're not alone. Here's everything we know so far about DraLo:

Sources have straight-up confirmed the "relationship."

Sources close to the couple have confirmed that there's something going on between JLo and Drake, but it's not serious. Apparently, Drake is super into JLo, though.

But Drake and JLo still haven't.

No official confirmation from either Drake or Jennifer Lopez, but I think their Instagram pictures speak volumes.

Drake's been spotted at two of JLo's Vegas shows in late 2016.

In December, Drake attended two of JLo's Las Vegas concerts... back to back.

And he left an intimate dinner with her in December.

After attending the shows, Drake hosted a very intimate dinner in West Hollywood, which JLo attended. The pair left the party together. So, you know. It's legit.

JLo and Drake have a 17 year age difference between them.

Drake is 30 and JLo is 47, and honestly, judging from their Instagram pictures, they look like they're having an incredibly good time together.

And they both broke it off with their respective partners in 2016.

JLo and longtime boyfriend Casper Smart broke it off earlier this year, and Drake and Rihanna (who have had a famously whirlwind relationship) broke it off seemingly for good a few months ago. Coincidence? Well, probably, actually.

Rihanna and JLo were actually super close.

According to the Daily Mail (and my intrinsic celeb knowledge), JLo and Rihanna are (or were?) really good friends. There were gifts, shoutouts, and cameos involved throughout their friendship... but now JLo might be dating Rihanna's ex and Rihanna unfollowed JLo on Instagram and it's all gone to shit. :(

This *might* be a subtle way to get back at Diddy.

Hey, remember the beef Diddy & Drake got int at the end of 2014? As my coworker Jeremy pointed out to me, this would be a pretty okay way to either make sure things are mended between them, or make things a whole lot worse.

Jokes, guys, don't worry. I'm sure this has nothing to do with Diddy and JLo and Drake actually do really like each other... in my perfect version of the world, 207 will include a DraLo wedding, TBH. #ILuhYaChampagnePapi.


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