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Drake Might Never Win A Juno Again, Here's Why

Rapper and singer snubs the awards show for the second year in a row.
Drake Might Never Win A Juno Again, Here's Why

The Juno nominations were announced yesterday and, to many, it seemed like they left someone out. Drake was noticeably absent from this year's list, but this wasn't an accident: he simply didn't submit his record-smashing Scorpion for review this year.

This is not the first time Drake snubs the Canadian awards show. He did the same More Life,. which featured bangers like 'Passionfruit' and 'Fake Love.'

Tl;DR The Juno awards have not given Drake the recognition he deserves, and he hasn't submitted his last two albums because of the way he has been snubbed by the awards show in the past. It is likely that he never will submit them again.

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Whether you love or hate Drake, you cannot deny that has achieved great fame, and multiplied record-breaking singles throughout his career. According to Spotify, he is the most successful streaming artist OF ALL TIME. 

His most recent album has been wildly successful, and he held 7 singles in the top 10 Hot 100 chart. The Beatles had previously held this record, having held 4 singles in the top 10. 

The reason behind his snubbing of the awards show is pretty simple: Drake, and hip-hop more broadly, doesn't get the recognition it should at the Junos. 

Despite his long and successful career, Drake has only gotten 33 nominations, and 7 wins. This places him in 40th on the list of top Juno winners.

He has won "rap recording of the year" four times, but the awards he really wants, those that fall outside of the narrow box Juno places rappers in, are never his. These are awards like "artist of the year" and "album of the year."

In February, he discussed his frustrations with the Junos: "I write pop songs for a reason," he said. "I wanna be like Michael Jackson. I wanna be like artists that I looked up to — those are pop songs. But I never get any credit to that." 

He has been embarrassed by the awards show on many occasions. One year that stands out is 2011 - where he was the host of the show, as well as a nominee for six awards. He went home empty-handed, the first time a host who was also up for consideration didn't win an award.

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In an interview with CBC, Drake biographer Dalton Higgins discusses that night, saying that it felt like a slap in the face.

Higgins does not believe that Drake will ever submit his music for an award again. He states "I don't see him ever returning. He got embarrassed."

This is not much of a loss for the rapper - it is clear that he does not need this recognition in order to be a successful artist.


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