Drake Shows Off His Insanely Luxurious New Private Jet, "Air Drake" (Video)

Many of us daydream about what we would do if we had a lot of money. Often times, these daydreams involve private jets, remote islands and a closet full of designer clothes. For some people, like Drake, these wild fantasies are reality.

Drake just posted a video to Instagram which shows his brand-new private plane. The baby-blue beauty can be seen in all of its glory in the minute-and-a-half video. Can you imagine how rich you have to be to have a private jet with your own name on it? 

The video, which shows the new private jet in all of its angles, has gathered almost 3 million views in the last four hours. You can see the video above.

The airplane is a Cargo Jet, a Canadian cargo airline based in Mississauga. This particular plane is painted a beautiful shade of baby blue. Of course, there is a stencil of an owl on the side of the plane.

My favourite part about the exterior is the stencil on the tailwing. Praying hands are foregrounded in front of a stylised globe. The 6ix god is going worldwide.

Champagne Papi

The inside is similarly wild. It features huge, comfortable-looking chairs in shades of cream and brown. The lighting looks a lot more flattering than the standard airlline lights. Way to flex, Drake.

I'm mostly excited because this video footage makes it sound like they're filming a behind-the-scenes tour film. Hopefully, this means that a behind-the-scenes movie is going to be coming out soon!

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The video is gathering a lot of attention from celebrities like Dan Bilzerian and Tracie Beer. Celebrities are commenting about how the rapper is making real "money moves," and how this is good motivation for other up-and-coming artists.

My favourite? "Bro has a flying House wow."