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Drake Wants A Tattoo Of Céline Dion's Face & She Threatened To Talk To His Mother (Video)

She's definitely not down.
Drake Wants A Tattoo Of Céline Dion's Face On His Body & She's Threatening To Talk To His Mother (Video)

Just the other day I was scrolling through Céline Dion's Instagram page and I couldn't help but fall more and more in love with her... she's just so Céline all of the time, and I can't think of anything better than that.

Plus, it helps that she's stupidly stylish and clearly has a team that knows her so well, because she is always looking like her best self.

But when she recently heard that Drake has been yearning for un tatouage de son visage, Céline was a little less than excited.

In fact, she all but pleaded and begged for Drake to not get a tattoo of her face, opting instead to invite him "home for lunch or dinner," or to "go for a drink"... she even proposed they sing together, in hopes that these offers would assuage the rapper's desire for Dion's portrait in ink on his body.

She then goes on attempting to say that her face is not the "moneymaker," when it comes to the Céline Dion money-making machine, likely implying that it's her voice that puts asses in seats...

Although, as I mentioned above, she's not at all bad to look at in my books.

Here's the interview by iHeartRadio Canada, where, in a segment of rapid-fire questions, the host attempts to ask Céline who she would get tattooed on her face.

Unfortunately for the host, he doesn't get his answer, because Céline can't help but look directly into the camera and say, 

"Please, Drake, I love you very much. Can I tell you something? 

Don't do that."

She then spends nearly an entire minute pleading with Drake, offering herself up in myriad ways, in hopes that Drake would forego the tattoo.

Personally, my favourite is her suggestion that the rapper just get a fake Céline tattoo.

That way, if he's having a change of heart, he can switch up his diva and opt for a Barbara Streisand tattoo instead.

(Who is the first singer she mentions? Nicole? If you know who Céline is talking about, please tweet me @lvbs, I'm so curious. My best guess is German Eurovision winner Nicole?)

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I personally think Céline's face would look awesome inked up over there beside his (rumoured) Rihanna portrait.

And I categorically refuse Céline's claims that as she gets "older" her face is going to get "longer" and " not prettier."

Although, that totally had me cracking up because, again, she's just so Céline about everything she does and it just makes me so happy she exists.

Ok, I'll chill out now.

In other news, Céline recently dropped three new tracks off her upcoming album, Courage. Watch her perform the title track Courage at the Centre Vidéotron a couple days ago à Québec.

Céline is playing two more shows in Québec tonight and tomorrow night before she makes her way to Montreal a stunning 6-show run at the Centre Bell.

She'll then move on to Ottawa before heading down south to the States.

Find tour dates at her website here.

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