Drake's Most Outrageous Courtside Behaviour At Game 1 Of The NBA Finals Last Night

Drake's well-documented courtside behaviour has been a hot topic this past week. It seems that no matter where we try to navigate the conversation about this historic NBA Finals, Drake pops up and does something silly. 

Last night, the Toronto Raptors faced the Golden State Warriors for the first ever NBA Finals game played on Canadian soil. It was the first time that the Canadian national anthem had ever been sung at a Finals game. The Raptors were facing the daunting task of trying to beat a championship-seasoned team. 

These and many more history-making storylines will be followed, written about, and shared with many generations to come but all we can seem to talk about right now is Drake picking lint out of Steph Curry's hair and calling Draymond Green "trash". 

The Raptors won Game 1 over the Warriors with a resounding 118-109 score, shocking the basketball world. Can this plucky team who no one thought would make it this far actually beat one of the greatest superteams the NBA has ever seen?

There are two guarantees in this series: 1) the Raptors have three more games in order to win the NBA Championship for the first time ever. 2) Drake's wild antics will distract you from what's actually happening on the court. 

Drake distraction number one: wearing Steph Curry's father's jersey. Golden State Warriors superstar, Steph Curry's father used to play for the Toronto Raptors. I think the most egregious part of this video is Drake picking at Steph Curry's hair. Has a fan ever dared to touch a basketball player mid-game? 

While I do believe Drake's presence is a good thing for the Raptors brand, the NBA had to send an official warning to the Raptors regarding his behaviour. 

Drake also went toe-to-toe with Warriors' Draymond Green, seeming to mouth that he's "trash" and making faces at Green. This attempt to get under his skin but didn't seem to rattle Steph Curry one bit,who is taking Drake's antics in stride.

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Let's just hope that Drake's courtside antics don't tarnish an otherwise incredible historical event for the city of Toronto and Raptors fans who've been waiting for their team to reach the final for 24 years. 

Maybe if Drake could be a little more like fellow superfan Nav Bhatia, who's calming and friendly presence has been a fixture at every single home game in Raptors history. 

With Game 1 already in the books, the city of Toronto is waking up this morning, shaking off their Raptors hangovers. The party continues this Sunday for Game 2.

Even if opposing Warriors players hold no ill feelings to Drake as a person, his courtside antics have crossed the line into absurd. 

Oh and if you're looking to score tickets to an NBA Finals game, good luck.

Game 2 between the Raptors and the Warriors is this Sunday, June 2nd at 6PM. 


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