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Drake's New Teen Model Girlfriend Bella Harris Is Being Warned By Fans To "Stay Away"

He doesn't have the best reputation with the ladies.
Drake's New Teen Model Girlfriend Bella Harris Is Being Warned By Fans To "Stay Away"

Drake's love life is notoriously rocky.  That's not surprising news for anyone who follows the romantic life of this world-famous Canadian rapper. Although he sings a lot of gushy and romantic lyrics, it's all a ruse to make his female fans swoon. 

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Drakes real life suggests that he's not exactly the perfect embodiment of the loyal "boyfriend" type. On his most recent album Scorpion, he admits to fathering a child with adult entertainment star Sophie Brussaux. This just scratches the surface. Drake has been romantically linked to countless A-list female celebs over the past 10-years. From Tyra Banks to Serena Williams, and everything in between.

Now, Drake is rumored to be dating a teen model name Bella Harris. She's fresh out of high school, and the internet is going wild over this.  

Rumor sparked recently whenBella Harris posted this photo on her Instagram with the caption "No place I'd rather be" with a blue heart emoji, which, in my opinion, indicates that the relationship has not made it to official levels yet. Only a true "red heart" emoji could confirm such a thing.

@bellabharrisembedded via  

Blue or red heart, it's still a heart tacked onto a very sweet caption, so even though the word "rumored" is being thrown around, it's pretty clear some sparks are flying between them.

That said, Bella Harris's fans are blowing up her IG pictures with comments warning the young teen to "stay away" from Drake; that when it comes to love and romance, he is bad news, and that surely she will get her heart crushed. 

Indeed, fans are skeptical of their significant 12-year age gap. In Bella's defense, she grew up as the daughter of a huge music producer and has been modeling for years now, basically a lifestyle that forces you to grow up and mature quickly. In my opinion, she is legally an adult and should be able to date whomever she pleases. 

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