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Drivers In Canada Can Be Fined For Not Clearing Snow From Their Car

Do it, for all our sakes.
Drivers In Canada Can Be Fined For Not Clearing Snow From Their Car

Winter is in full swing in Canada which of course means that your average drive now contains a bunch of new and exciting hazards to avoid. 

There is of course the snow, the ice, and even the black ice. But the thing you're going to watch out for the most is other drivers. 

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All across Canada you're bound to find some inconsiderate and even dangerous drivers who drive too fast, too close, or too recklessly. And one of the most common things you'll see is drivers who refuse to clear the snow off their car.

Driving with snow on your car is extremely dangerous. Your view is obstructed, the snow can slide off your roof and completely cover your front or back windshield, and the snow could actually be covering ice that can damage vehicles driving behind you. 

If those weren't good enough reasons, then perhaps you’ll be convinced by the fact that you can fined in Canada for failing to clear the snow from your car. 

In Quebec a vehicle’s windshield and windows must be cleared of any matter that might reduce visibility for the driver. If you fail to do so, you could get a fine of up to $200.

In Alberta you could be fined up to $115.

In Ontario, you could be fined $110 for not being able to see clearly out of the front or side windows. 

In BC, drivers have been fined unspecified amounts.

In Nova Scotia fines can reach up to $176

In New Brunswick you can be fined $172

And just in case there are no official laws about clearing snow from cars in your area, consider this: In Winnipeg a man was fined $240 for driving with snow on top of his car because it was considered an “unsecured load". So do yourself a favour and take a few minutes to make sure your car is clear and safe this winter, for all our sakes. 

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