Driving A Car Will Be F*cking Horrible In Montreal This Fall

Summer is supposed to be the season of construction and road closures, and it was. But it looks like the fall season is going to be just as bad, if not worse. 

Driving into, out of, or around Montreal in the autumn is going to be horrible, because oh-so-many roads are going to be closed for construction. 

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Fall 2017 will be "quite busy" says a representative of Transport Quebec speaking to CTV. And by "quite busy" they mean a hot mess of construction that will spell disaster for a lot of drivers. 

A huge spattering of highway roads are going to be closed off in the coming days, meaning drivers will have to find alternate routes into the city. 

Among the many high-volume roads to be closed off include:

  • Highway 25
  • Ville-Marie Expressway
  • Turcot Interchange
  • Champlain Bridge
  • Saint Pierre Interchange

Specific exits and entry-points were also highlighted by Transport Canada, as they too will be closed. For instance, the St-Jacques exit on the Ville-Marie will be blocked off. 

For those wondering about the Turcot, which is already in construction, the freeway interchange will have parts closed off once November hits. Significant construction projects have yet to be completed. 

Closures on Turcot, St-Pierre Interchanges headline fall traffic nightmare https://t.co/hi8E0yJKmv pic.twitter.com/D1IFuecP1h

September 1, 2017

Don't assume you're safe from the headache of road closures if you already live in the urban core of Montreal. Plenty of streets within the city are going to be closed from September to December. 

Either partially or fully, the following streets are going to be cordoned off: Peel, Notre-Dame, Rene-Levesque, Cote-St-Luc, and "many more" note Transport Quebec. 

Basically, if you're the owner and operator of a car in Montreal, you're in for a headache this fall. 

The solution? Take public transit. 

Riding the STM is actually the best option for car-drivers. Transport Quebec quite literally said that's what Montreal drivers should be doing, lest they add to the problem of congested roadways. 

On the upside, the STM is actually planning for an influx of passengers, particularly on lines/routes where residents would be affected by the road closures. 

An increase in express buses and trains on the Green Line are going to be set up by the STM for the expected increase in ridership. 

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