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Drunk People On Saint-Laurent Street Talk A Lot Of Trash

Drunken night sayings heard on MTL's nightlife strip.
Drunk People On Saint-Laurent Street Talk A Lot Of Trash

St. Laurent is a magical street full of food, bars, clubs, and, of course, drunk people parading around saying ridiculous things. From bros to biddies, and everything in between, all manner of drunkards go out on St. Laurent. Despite the wide variety of inebriated folk, there are a few sayings ALWAYS heard on the sidewalk of St. Lo. Open your ears on a standard Saturday night, and you'll be sure to hear a few of these, known as 'Shit Drunk People Say On St. Laurent.'

1. Bro-isms

Bro, you're my wingman tonight bro. We're gonna mack hard.

What're you looking at bro? Wanna go? I'll fight you right here!

We made out for like 10 minutes on the dance floor. I'm for sure gonna tap that tonight.

2. We're All guilty of these

Where`s Tokyo!?

I forgot my ID, but I totally look 18. I can't get in? are you serious? but my friends are already in there!

You bros are like actually my best friends in the world, I love you bros.

Whatever its past 3, I was in the bathroom when you yelled last call! Come on, I'm good for one more!

Can you spot me for coat check?

3. Girl Problems

We are like, the hottest people in here right now.

Photo cred - Adrian Villagomez

Omg I have to pee soooo badly... Can we use your bathroom?

My feet hurt, I need to take my shoes off, I can't feel my toe.

4.The Drunchies

Fuck it, I'm getting two dollar noodles.

Shit, look at the line for Belle Pro! Let's go to Madonna's.

What do you mean Bocadillo is closed!?

Did we miss any quintessential drunk-sayings on St. Lo? Give us your best in the comments below!

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