15 Drunken Recipes You Can Try This Summer

Have a drink in every meal.
15 Drunken Recipes You Can Try This Summer

There's something about the summer that seems to makes everyone want to indulge in a few more drinks than usual, and I'm alllll for it. But when it comes to consuming your favourite beverage, the options shouldn't be limited to simply drinking it. No, you should be able to have it in any form that your alcohol-loving heart desires. So to help fulfill this very real need, we've complied a list of 15 different drunken recipes that you absolutely need to try this summer.

1. The main component here is fruit, so you can pretend these drunken melon balls are actually healthy.

Photo Cred - Coffee, Light and Sweet

2. We're willing to bet this drunken cheesy bread is the best way to cure any and all hangovers.

3. As it turns out, Oreos are also vodka's favourite cookie. Find out why by making these drunken Oreos.

4. Get your summer BBQing on with these drunken ribs.

5. Equal parts cute and delicious, these strawberry margaritta jello shots are a necessity for your next summer party.

6. Try your hand at making these German-inspired spiked oktoberfest donuts.

Photo Cred - Baking For Neighbors

7. Make your next jack and coke a bit sweeter by having one of these jack & coke cupcakes.

8. Beat the heat with these delicious cucumber gin and tonic popsicles.

9. Start your day off right by making drunken caramel french toast for breakfast.

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10. Add a bottle of beer to your seafood and make yourself some drunken mussels.

11. Get your meat a little inebriated before you grill it with this drunken steak recipe.

12. Cool off and chill out with this drunken cherry ice cream recipe.

13. Kick your next pasta dish up a notch and use this recipe for drunken clams over cappellini.

14. Anyone can handle a tequila shot when it's in delicious deep fried tequila cake form.

Photo Cred - Wishful Chef

15. Perfect for a warm summer night, these spicy drunken shrimp will send your tastebuds to a whole other level.

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