Dustin Tokarski Spotted Walking His Dog In Montreal

He's looking bored, but that's a good thing.

Dustin Tokarski isn't getting much action lately and that's a good thing. A bored backup goalie can only mean one thing: We have a all-star goalie who's doing his job.

Not to bash Tokarski or anything, he more than proved himself during last year's stellar playoff run, saving our collective asses when Price got injured. We're definitely happy to have Tokarski's skill in net when Price needs a well-deserved break, but #31 is having the best season of his life right now, so walking the dog will have to suffice for now.

Maybe just go easy on those beers, bud...

Je pense que le beaucoup trop mignon chien de Dustin Tokarski aime mieux sourire au paparazzi que son maître . #habspotted #habs #montreal

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