Tips You Can Follow If You Want To Be Healthy 7 Days A Week

Photo cred - Fashionscene

For many of us, we are guided by routine. Wake-up, get ready, eat breakfast, go to work, go to the gym, and sleep, Monday through Friday. Then, Friday night rolls around and you decide to go out with friends, eat some food after the bar, and maybe do it all over again Saturday. Then, finish off the weekend by having brunch on Sundays.

Summer is right around the corner and you begin to panic because you are still not bikini ready but there is no need to worry, we still have plenty of time!

Over the last 8 years of training here are some guidelines that I have discovered that have worked for me to help me stay on track towards my fitness goals:

1. Stick to your routine on weekdays, including Fridays. You don't want to constantly drive up your insulin levels so keep your cheat days at least 5-6 days apart.

2. If you are going to a party Saturday night, make sure you eat prior to going because let's face it there is probably going to be chips and dip and it makes it much harder to resist on an empty stomach. I think we've all been there.

3. Start your weekends the same way you would start your weekdays. For instance, if you wake up every morning and have lemon water and stretch, then continue doing that regardless of when you wake up.

4. Go to the gym on Saturday but try something new. Keep your session short, 30-45min. For instance, you can try a new circuit program or a new class. Trying something new will motivate you and excite you to get back into the gym on Monday.

5. Reward yourself with a night out. Horrible food tastes so much better when you worked hard for it, it's science.

6. Catch up on sleep on Sunday's; your body needs the recovery time.

7. Be prepared. If you know you're leaving the house for the day bring snacks with you like almonds, or/and protein bars. This will help you stick to your nutrition plan.