Today, we celebrate the women in our lives that make it that much better - but really, you should be doing this every day. 

On this year's Women's Day, I'd like to shine some light on one of my favourite forms of art and entertainment...

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I am a firm believer in the Burlesque community. I think Montreal has, hands down, the best Burlesque talent in all of Canada. 

Since it is International Women's Day, I want to put a focus on Montreal's incredibly talented women in Burlesque.

More than just beauty, these women/individuals are strength and power, defined. I look up to all these people with the utmost admiration and aspire to have the confidence they show week after week on stage in Montreal. 

I've even linked some of their next events so you can catch them in all their incredible glory in Montreal. 

Miss Meow



Miss Meow, the sweetest kitten in all of Montreal! She is the gorgeous gal behind Miss Meow Productions, a major boss - and brings you some of your favourite music-themed Burlesque shows like the recent Britney Spears Burlesque!

Stay in the know of all things Miss Meow Productions right here.

Sugar Vixen

The incredible Sugar Vixen makes my list for many reasons. She's the Rock'n'Roll babe of Montreal. This petite Burlesque superstar has a massive stage presence that can not be rivalled. She is one of the sweetest people I know here and her smile lights up my heart.

Sugar Vixen has been jet-setting to Burlesque festivals all over North America, but she will be back in Montreal soon and has local shows this spring! 

Audrey Ivory

You may recall this Montreal gem from her viral fidget spinner video. Well, Audrey Ivory is one of the most fun performers I've ever witnessed. Audrey Ivory is a classic beauty. 

Catch Audrey Ivory at Zodiac Burlesque on March 17.

Frenchy Jones

No Burlesque list could ever be truly complete without this wonderful woman. Frenchy Jones IS The Wiggle Room. She is a mentor, and trend-setter, and beautiful person inside and out, and a boss lady. 

Catch Frenchy Jones... well, pretty much any night at The Wiggle Room. I think she lives there?

Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière

Lou Lou La Duchesse de Rière... this is a woman who makes me question my own sexuality. She is ruthless on stage and a killer in photos. If you do not know Lou Lou, yet, then you need to wake the hell up. 

Catch Lou Lou La Duchesse de Rière next at Riot Grrrls Burlesque this weekend!

Mikki Michelle

She's the thunder from down under, an incredible performer and singer - and a top-notch show producer as well! Mikki Michelle embodies strength and feminity while being a boss ass lady. 

Catch Mikki next at her own show, Riot Grrrls Burlesque, and keep up with Mikki Michelle and her production company, Viva Diverse Productions.  

Honey Lustre

Honey Lustre is the sweet name on everyone's lips. Not too long ago, she was a newcomer to the Burlesque scene and has claimed her rightful place as a staple performer in burlesque/queerlesque community.

Honey Lustre has plenty of shows lined up this month, check em out here. 

Aria Delanoche

Aria Delanoche is a versatile beauty and delivers high energy, angsty performances. She's punk rock. She's glamour. She's on this list because I get intimidated watching her perform flawlessly, with an unapologetic attitude. Intimidation I've never loved so much. 

Aria Delanoche will be at Iskweu Project: A Benefit for the Native Women's Shelter of MTL this May. 

Jessica Rae

You may know Jessica Rae because of her famous puppet-friend, Lydia. The duo has been all over Montreal's performance scene for years. Jessica Rae is one of the tightest performers I've watched. She is a trained dancer. Comedian. Puppeteer. This list goes on and on. 

You can stay in the know of all things Jessica Rae right here.

Rosie Bourgeoisie

A dear friend of mine and an individual so creative it's almost offensive. Rosie Bourgeoisie is a formidable performer and dancer, and they're showing off immense strength and body positive art through performance. They're a founding member of the House of Genderfck.

Stay in the know for all of Rosie's events right here. 

These 10 fabulous Burlesque performers only scratch the surface of Montreal's outstanding Burlesque community. 

These are individuals that I truly admire and respect, and bow down to every single day. You should show them the respect they deserve and support local artists and performers in Montreal! 

This list is not meant to rank sexiness or objectify these women/people. I'll repeat myself, show them respect or just fuck right off. 

@loulouladuchesseembedded via

Happy International Women's Day to all my incredible female, female-identifying, non-binary, gender-fluid, lesbian, trans and bi-sexual friends! 

You all inspire me. 

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