An all-new "Thaiwaiian" fusion restaurant is opening in Old Montreal next month and it looks like it's going to be amazing. I mean, is there anything better than fusion cuisine? Just like a good musical mashup, fusion food allows for the best of two worlds to come together, mingle, and make our lives a little more magical than before. Which is why I'm so excited to experience the new Thai-and-Hawaiian-inspired restaurant, The Farsides, which is coming to Montreal in a matter of weeks. 

This is not only exciting for those that love eastern Thai flavours and Hawaiian vibes, but also for anyone that can't afford a vacay and just needs a little escape from the realities of a Montreal winter with a signature cocktail from a Tiki Bar.

In addition to having mouth-watering dishes and a Tiki Bar, The Farsides is decorated like a 90s fever dream. The graffiti on the walls, exposed brick, and fire escape stairs will have you feeling like you've just stepped back in time to visit Brooklyn right when Biggie was putting the borough on the map.

You'll also be pleased to know that The Farsides will also be hosting a New Year's Eve party this year which is sure set off its inaugural year on the right foot (and that foot is likely rocking a retro hightop).

The Farsides is the brainchild of Bord'Elle creator John Gumbley and the team at Jegantic. So you know that the decor and vibe are going to be truly immersive, while always delivering on that Old Montreal distinctness. It's located at 690 rue Notre Dame Ouest. 


There's even going to be a decorative basketball hoop because...ball is life.

The photo above is obviously just a rendering... which is even more fun because I can't wait to see how they actually executed this idea in real life. Brilliant.

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The menu promises to be just as exciting as the interior, with award-winning chef Athiraj Phrasavath serving up dishes like "Baby Got Back Ribs," "Big Poppa Pineapple Boat," "Sesame Street Fried Chicken," and more. 

There is also a signature vegan menu created by U.S. MasterChef winner Dino Luciano.

I personally can't wait to try the Massaman Black & Yellow Curry. I was lucky enough to live in Bangkok for a year and Massaman curry quickly became my go-to, considering I'm a complete wuss when it comes to spice.

(One of the first things I learned to say in Thai was "mai ped" - no spicy.)

Though for you spice lovers out there, you can just go ahead and get excited about dishes like The Big Poppa Pineapple Boat (pictured above) that is "doused in The Farsides Signature Thai Sweet Fire Sauce." Oh boy.

It's going to be a "mai ped" from me, dawg.

Check out The Farsides website here where you can buy tickets for their New Years Eve party and keep an eye out for the opening date, which should be sometime in late December.

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