John Abbott students must get that they're much-maligned and oft-forgotten when it comes to English Montreal CÉGEPs because of how far it is from everything. I've lived here my whole life and only know one person that went to John Abbott! Though some of you are convinced this place is a collective hallucination, John Abbott exists! 

You won't find much other than McGill's Macdonald campus and the lakeshore around John Abbott campus, which made this list of cheap places to eat especially difficult to compile. We managed it though! Surprisingly, y'all have a decent range of options. 

Thanks to Macdonald campus's proximity, John Abbott students have access to a ton of delicious farm-fresh produce and local recipes! There is also a variety of family-owned restaurants and cafés. It was a little more complicated to find truly cheap eats like those in downtown Montreal, but they're around if you look hard enough. 

Without further ado, here are the best cheap eats near John Abbott College!

Basile Pizzeria 

What: A casual little diner along the waterfront that serves up classic comfort food. 

Where: 74 rue Sainte-Anne

Check it out here!

Marché Sainte-Anne

What: A year-round farmer's market that specializes in local products from around the region! 

Where: 23 rue Perrault 

Check it out here!

Café T.W.I.G.S.

What: Café T.W.I.G.S is a perfect spot to study and have a quick lunch in between classes! The sandwiches are incredible. 

Where: 85 rue Sainte-Anne

Check it out here!

Cafe Au Bout de L'Isle

What: One of Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue's favourite spots, Au Bout de L'Isle is the perfect spot to grab everything from breakfast to dinner. 

Where: 129 rue Sainte-Anne 

Check it out here!

Bistro BoaboA

What: A cozy little place with delicious Asian snacks and soups. 

Where: 27 rue Sainte-Anne

Check them out here!

Tandoori Bellevue 

What: Traditional Indian cuisine in a stylish setting. Maybe a little more expensive than the others on this list, but totally worth it.

Where: 67 rue Sainte-Anne

Check them out here!

Have a great semester, John Abbott students! 

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