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'Eddie Izzard' Will Be Performing At Just For Laughs And Says He Is More Bilingual Then You Are

'Eddie Izzard' Will Be Performing At Just For Laughs And Says He Is More Bilingual Then You Are

This Thursday night, the fabulously funny Eddie Izzard will be storming the gates of Just For Laughs.

Undoubtedly attributed to the festival’s self-advertised “best line-up ever”, Izzard will be hosting his very own gala at our festival, featuring Trevor NoahRonny Chieng, Rove McManus, Colin Quinn and Jean Paul!

MTL Blog had the honor of chatting with Izzard about performing in Montreal, as a political activist in such a politically active city. “I’m not a political comedian, however” he clarifies. “I have no interest in the French-English separation. I’m more interested in social, human behaviours. I’ll be touching on everything from Ancient Greece to Mayan human sacrifices, as well as our current global state.”

Fun Fact; Eddie Izzard is probably more bilingual than you! His Mtl appearance immediately follows his most recent gig, in France. “I’ll be back in Montreal in November for another tour. I have been looking for opportunities to do shows in Montreal en francais.”

As for Izzard’s famous flout for gender-restricted attire, he gives no word on how he’ll be dressed for the occasion. “I don’t have alter-ego’s or characters. I am a transvestite. So regardless you will see no one there but myself.”

He says his favorite part of town is the mountain, “I also love the old district, I love the architecture and the history there!”

Buy tickets for Eddie Izzard and his in-tow funnymen at

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