Eggs + Bacon + Potatoes + Hotdog = The Grand Slam Dog

Breakfast and lunch collide, and it's awesome.
Eggs + Bacon + Potatoes + Hotdog = The Grand Slam Dog

Everyday is a toss-up as to whether you should eat breakfast or regular food, because, as well know, morning-eats are delicious anytime of the day. Thanks to California-based hot dog chain Dog Haus and their signature "Grand Slam," you never have to choose again.

A combination of the classic breakfast platter and a meaty dog (or sausage), the Grand Slam has the best of both breakfast and lunch food worlds. Smoked bacon, crispy tater tots, a slightly runny fried egg, and 100% black angus beef hotdog, all piled into a fluffly bun...sorry, I had to wipe some drool from my mouth.

Dog Haus has some other epic hot dog creations, but the Grand Slam takes the cake for being simple, creative, and totally mouthwatering. Plus, everything in the dog pairs incredibly well with ketchup, which is super crucial for any hotdog in our books.

One of Montreal's trendy new hot dog joints should definitely use this as inspiration.

Feast your eyes below.

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