Elderly Montreal Man Charged For Sending Death Threats To Mayor Valérie Plante

One man living in Verdun was so angry with the Montreal 2018 budget released last week that he allegedly sent a death-threat email to mayor Valérie Plante. 

Claude Meilleur, 63 years old, was charged last Friday for making death threats towards the mayor, apparently because Plante broke an election promise. 

After seeing that the 2018 budget did not include a measure to make the metro free to use, Meilleur is said to have sent an email last Thursday that contained threats against the mayor, reports La Presse

A formal investigation was launched by the SPVM and the accused was arrested. Meilleur appeared in court this past weekend and is now released, with an upcoming court appearance set for March 5. 

The accused has something of a history of legal infractions. Meilleur appeared in court two times in 2010 alone, for the possession of an unauthorized firearm and for charges of theft. He pled guilty in both cases.