Montreal Is Hosting A Gigantic "Paint Rave" This Spring

Paint won't just be the stuff on the walls of your house come May, it's going to become the ultimate party-addition once the Electric Paint Party invades Montreal.

Colours will go flying as paint blasters shower the party with shades of every sort, letting you dance the night away in a multicoloured splendour.

Several DJ sets and special guests will make up the nights music, all of which will be made even more epic thanks to the fire performers, ariel acrobats, ultraviolet dancers you'll get to see and party with.

Making the evening even more technicoluored will be a laser light show illuminating the paint-rave, adding yet another layer of dynamic energy to this already-electric party.

Montreal's Electric Paint Party is going down on May 7th at Club La Boom. For more info and tickets, head to the official Facebook event page here.

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