Eminem Is Allegedly Coming To Montreal In 2017

'Shady's back, tell a friend.'
Eminem Is Allegedly Coming To Montreal In 2017

Here at MTLBlog we're always on the lookout for 2 things.

Snow and celebrities.

So when we see a post that mentions Eminem might be coming to Montreal, we're bound to pay attention.

Olivier Primeau, the owner of Beach Club has been doing surveys on his Facebook page to ask the people which artists they want to see playing next year.

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Many of the suggestions were in line with the kind of guests Beach Club usually welcomes such as Steve Aoki, Tiesto, Diplo, Calvin Harris and DJ Khaled.

However there were also some 'out of the box' suggestions which received a huge amount of support such as Twenty One Pilots, Luke Bryan and Drake.

But the one that got us the most exited was the announcement about Eminem.

Olivier Primeau asked his fans if they would like to see Eminem play a show at Beach Cub and seems the answer was a big resounding YES!

Of course this doesn't mean Eminem will show up for sure, but if anyone can make it happen, Olivier can.

And to anyone who doubts his a abilities, I leave you with this:

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