Employers At Banff National Park Desperate To Hire You To Work In The Most Beautiful Place In Canada This Summer

Global News reports that hotels in Banff National Park are experiencing a labour shortage this year. As the popular destination heads into its peak visiting season, the hospitality industry is so far unprepared to welcome the thousands of people set to flood the area.

A dearth of foreign workers as a result of federal policy changes is in part to blame. The government announced in 2015 that it was "overhauling the Temporary Foreign Worker Program" (TFWP).

"The Government of Canada is introducing a cap to limit the proportion of low-wage temporary foreign workers that a business can employ. The cap will significantly restrict access to the TFWP, while ensuring that Canadians are always considered first for available jobs," according to a statement.

"It is expected that this measure alone will cut in half the number of low-wage temporary foreign workers once fully implemented," the government explained in the 2015 announcement.

Businesses in Banff and Lake Louise are struggling as a result, Global News explains. 

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A glance at job postings from top resorts and hotels in Banff reveals the extent of the labour shortage. There are currently 17 openings published on the website of Banff Lodging Company, which manages 6 hotels.

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A Google search for hotel jobs around Banff National Park yields over 100 recent postings from resorts. Bell service attendants and front desk agents are among the most common open positions.

The national parks service also continues to post employment opportunities.

For many young Canadians, this could be an opportunity to spend the summer in the most popular national park in the country. Permanent settlement is also an option. Global News reports that the scarcity of workers has become a yearlong issue.

For more information on the Banff labour shortage, read the Global News story here.

To search for jobs in the area, review open positions here.

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